Unfinished Sympathy, UDSY, is an independent concept- and production company based in Sweden, building on the foundation of contemporary Scandinavia’s most visionary minds working in media and second screen development. As a global consultant we deliverer our services to leading television companies and widespread channels both nationwide and internationally. Our ambition is as simple as our passion is genuine: to believe in the value of every history: the known, the forgotten and the future one.

The key elements on witch our company builds are the main sources of the world’s unified media consumers: television, web, social media, smartphones and additional second screen devices. Through them, we are looking to identify the assets and accessibility of the certain device and using it to the advantage of the platform, establishing long-term concepts and online strategies that will entice new consumers in addition to maintaining the old. With a constant eye on society, searching for emerging markets and target groups, as well as the overlooked and unseen.

Trough combining the playful creativity of molding and shaping the next big formats with a deeply rooted interest in consumer driven demands and a feel for business opportunity’s, we strive to be a guiding star in what is known as the mass media, using innovative models for production, packaging and distribution to dramatically increase the revenue without ever losing in quality, content and continuity. The best stories are yet to come!